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End of lease rental cleaning Melbourne is very important for both landlords and tenants. As you’ll be closely following the rental property move out process to move efficiently and successfully. In the meantime do not forget about your rental bond deposit. A standard end of lease rental cleaning will secure your bond back fully and it will ease the owner to find out a new tenants soon. If you’ve kept the rental property in appropriate hygiene and beauty throughout the years, you don’t need to worry at all but if you have not, you do have to worry! If the rental property isn’t in good condition you will probably not get your tenancy bond money back. Some tenants perform a basic end of lease rental cleaning job by themselves and this may not be the most wisest choice. Therefore its best to leave it in the hands of end of lease rental cleaning experts.

Professional vacate cleaners who deal with end of lease rental cleaning Melbourne service on regular basis have a great understanding on quality cleaning required by your landlord and property manager. Dealing with end of lease cleaning in Melbourne over the years has made Melbourne end of lease Cleaning us, the pioneers in this industry. Our cleaning services are second to none and are based on stringent quality framework. We have been helping out thousands of Melbourne clients in moving out of the property in an easy way. Our Melbourne professional rental cleaners come fully insured, police cleared & fully equipped. They understand the importance of cleaning to perfection to get your bond back in full

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There are many great reasons to hire Compaq cleaning for your End of lease rental clean in Melbourne, from our staff being experience, trained cleaners to our fully insured and friendly service.

How does an end of lease rental clean work?

We understand that most people won't have hired an end of lease rental clean before so to make everything as simple and as smooth as possible here is a quick summary of how an end of tenancy clean works.

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What happens after end of lease rental cleaning in Melbourne?

Once your real estate agent has completed exit inspection and if you have no issues on what we originally quoted, we believe our part is over. Else if you have any complaints on what we originally quoted you can call us or email us your exit condition report ASAP to admin@compaqcleaning.com.au. After that, we will communicate with your real estate manager and arrange a time to pick up keys and fix the complaints within 48 hrs.


An exit condition report works same as the original condition report you fill out before moving into a rental property. The exit condition report displays the condition of the properties when a renter leaves the property. Before you leave the properties it is best to fill in an exit condition report to protect yourself from having to pay for damage that you did not cause. This is an important step to moving out, once you have filled in the report, make sure you lock the place up properly and hand your keys back to your rental property manager.

Final exit inspection of the rental property

Once you returned your keys to your property managers, they can then go through the property and do their own report on the condition of the rental property. When they have done this they will decide either release your bond or if something wasn’t satisfactory or there was damage to the premises they will keep the bond to put towards the repair of the damage.

To guarantee that you get your bond back you must ensure any damage is fixed yourself and the place is cleaned by an end of lease rental cleaning professional. Most real estates insist that you must have the place sprayed for vermin (only if you have pets) and if there are carpets, then they must be cleaned by professionals. It is usually printed into your lease so make sure you check what is on your lease and do what needs to be done in order to make sure your bond can be released to you. If you are unhappy with the decision by them, you can appeal that decision with theVCAT and get them to overturn the decision if it is. The original condition report and the exit condition report are your safeguard, so make sure you always keep a copy of these to ensure that you are protected.